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Depth Exploration of AKK Poker Analyzer

What is the new feature of AKK poker analyzer? That is the important key that many poker players want to know. Yes, AKK is the new poker cheating product in the market, and not so many people are familiar with it.
Now I want to list several new features for you.

1.More Convenient
As you know, the normal poker analyzer needs the scanning camera for scanning barcode marked cards. But usually, scanning camera and analyzer are completely separate, which is not so convenient for you. Now, the AKK has the local camera for scanning barcode marked cards, which means you do not need to take the other camera with you. AKK can do all for you, you just need an earpiece to receive the result.

2. High Accuracy
You may encounter this problem: the poker analyzer may report the incorrect result to you. But with AKK, you will not meet this kind of problem, it has the higher accuracy. After our test, we found that it made almost no mistake. So you do not need to worry that you will get the wrong result.


3. Fashionable Appearance
Compare to V68 poker analyzer, the AKK has a fashionable appearance, which makes it more popular. As we all know that, people like the mobile phone with big screen and it is precisely to make it more in line with people's demands.


In fact, it is more convenient to operate the AKK poker analyzer. If you have the higher requirement for the poker analyzer, I think the AKK poker analyzer can be in your consideration. If you buy the AKK from us, we can send you several decks of barcode marked cards as gift.

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