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Depth Exploration of Marked Cards Contact Lenses

When talking about marked cards contact lenses, people will come to the image that this kind of thing can help them to read the invisible juice on the back of cards.
Although many people are familiar with marked cards contact lenses, they still have a lot of question for lenses when they come to buy from us. Today, I want to list several things that you need to pay attention.

1.How to choose?

As you know, the all contact lenses have color (in order to read the invisible juice). From the diameter, the lenses can be divided into two kinds: one is suitable for dark/brown eyes, anther is suitable for green/brown/grey eyes.
If you have dark/brown eyes, you can choose the 9mm contact lenses.
If you have green/brown/grey eyes, you can choose the 4 mm contact lenses.
If you don’t choose the suitable marked cards contact lenses, and the lenses will change of the color of your eyes, then the others will feel weird if your eyes’ color are different suddenly.

2. Quality
Some people just complained that the price of contact lenses is too high; in fact, we have low-price contact lenses. Reading this, you may want to ask: what is the difference between the high-price one and low-price one?
High-price one: of course, with high quality. When you wear it, you can see the invisible juice clearly and feel comfortable, and you can wear for a longer time.
Low-price one: first, you can not wear it too long or it will make your eyes feel very uncomfortable. Second, the invisible juice is not so clear to your lenses; you will have to spend some time to recognize the suit and number.

Keeping Ways

People do not know the keeping ways of marked cards contact lenses, this makes the lenses break in short term.
Now I want to tell you the correct keeping ways;
Put the lenses in the lenses box and put the liquid into the lenses case and soak it for 15 minutes. (Don’t soak it for too long because the lenses will be damaged)
Put the lenses which are soaked on your hand and instillation little liquid, and rub the lenses front side and back side in the same direction, and each side should rub for 20 seconds.
Put the lenses which are cleaned to the box and then you can wear it.

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